We build your service package with you and your business in mind

Your business is as unique as a fingerprint, and we believe in tailoring our bookkeeping services to match its distinctive needs. We understand that bookkeeping processes are not one size fits all, which is why we take the time to have a detailed consultation with you. During this consultation, we'll dive deep into understanding your specific requirements, challenges, and aspirations. Armed with this knowledge, we'll craft a personalized package designed to enhance and accelerate the growth of your business. Our goal is not just to provide bookkeeping services, but to become your trusted partner in achieving financial success. 




When should I contact an accountant?

Do I have to provide any software, hardware, or office space?

Are you my employee?

Why should I use a bookkeeping firm instead of hiring an employee to do my bookkeeping?

Why should my bookkeeper and tax preparer be separate?

Do I have to sign a contract?

Right from the moment you envision your business's growth, we're here to have a conversation. We'll dive deep into understanding your unique business needs, aspirations, and the exciting possibilities for expansion. Together, we'll strategize and create a roadmap tailored to fuel your business's journey towards success and growth. 

Never! Your monthly fee covers everything necessary to streamline your organization and seamlessly transition to remote bookkeeping. As I operate from my own office, you won't have to worry about providing any equipment, software, supplies, etc. It's all taken care of! In case you don't already have QuickBooks, I’lll set up online access for you, and you'll be responsible for the subscription fee (with the added benefit of owning the file). 

No, I operate my own business. I won't receive any of the traditional employee benefits offered by your company. Instead, our working arrangement will be based on a project basis, allowing flexibility in scheduling and tailored services to meet your business's specific needs.

Hiring an employee comes with various costs beyond their salary, including benefits, payroll taxes, office space etc. 

Expertise: As a bookkeeping firm, we are masters of our craft, offering dedicated professional services. 

Flexibility and Scalability: Bookkeeping needs can fluctuate over time. By working with us, you have the flexibility to adjust the level of service based on your business's evolving requirements. hiring and training new employees.

Instead of relying solely on an in-house employee, you tap into a wealth of diverse expertise, ensuring your bookkeeping needs are met with precision and excellence.

While tax preparers focus on the big picture, bookkeepers are the masters of detail. I continuously analyze your data, making insightful recommendations to refine and enhance your bookkeeping processes. I ensure that you have the clearest and most accurate picture of your business's performance throughout the year, not just during tax season

No. We will both sign an agreement, not a contract. This agreement clearly outlines the services you've chosen and establishes the responsibilities of each party.





Consultation: Connect via phone, email, or video call to understand your unique financial needs and goals.

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Onboarding & Catch-Up Phases:
Review the current state of your financials.
Determine action items to bring your books up to date and accurate.
Gather any missing information.
Set up QuickBooks Online (QBO) account (if applicable) and organize the accounting structure, including the Chart of Accounts.
Record financial transactions through the current period.

Maintenance Phase:
Ensure ongoing data entry, reconciliations, and generation of financial reports.

No stress at tax filing:
Hand over your meticulously prepared reports from the year to your CPA with confidence, making tax filing a hassle-free experience.


 “I can never sing her praises loudly enough!"

“I must admit that I had allowed my bookkeeping to get out of hand….well, let’s just say I never did have a full grasp on it - I would get to it when I found the time.  Here’s where The Ledger Life comes in! Erin took over my “mess”, and not only organized it for me, but got it all sorted out and brought current.  I can never sing her praises loudly enough!  The money I paid for her services, was WELL WORTH IT! 

Thank you Ledger Life for saving my business’s life! 

You are the BEST! 

-Deborah Thompson, REALTOR
and owner of DJ THOMPSON Events“